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We are a local group of clinicians who offer a number of clinical services, which are designed to help patients in a variety of ways.  From top to toe our friendly, experienced team of healthcare professionals work to improve and maintain the health and well-being of each patient. Based in Taunton, we are easily accessible for patients across Somerset and Devon (free car parking).

We are continuously looking to expand the services we are offering: For many of our services we are the first provider in Taunton & Somerset!

Education & Training Programmes; Business Consultancy

A multitude of courses for Children, Adults, Sports Groups, Professionals,  Companies, and more…

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Taunton Doctors Limited

Our current services include – please see below for further information or click on the images above.

  • Women’s Health:
    Bio-identical HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) – FIRST in SOMERSET
    Women’s Health Physiotherapy, including…
    Ultrasound guided Pelvic Floor assessment – FIRST in SOMERSET
  • 4D Ultrasound Baby Scanning & The Mummy MOT:
    4D Baby Ultrasound Scanning – FIRST in TAUNTON


  • Musculoskeletal Health & Therapies:
    Sports Therapy
    Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Massage
    Sports/ Occupational Injury Assessment
    Medical Acupuncture
    Rehabilitation Therapy
“I’d like to convey my sincerest thanks for the professional manner you portrayed.  Had I not seen you, I believe I’d have continued to put things down to old age. You have revolutionised my life – in a very good way.” Mrs A. P.


“I left the session feeling confident in the exercises and advice [the clinician] had given me and having a much more positive outlook on the next 13 weeks with [the clinician] on hand to support me further should I need it. Thank u so much!” Mrs E. B.


“A truly caring, professional therapist. Thank you for all your kindness and support.” Ms C. D.


Our Women’s Health Bio-identical HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) practitioner trained at the Marion Gluck Academy, “the UK’s leading medical clinic that specialises in the use of bio-identical hormones to restore and maintain optimal health and hormone balance for our patients.” As a practising GP, our Bio-identical HRT specialist is delighted to be able to offer her expertise to clients across Somerset & Devon. Individualised treatment plans are created for treating symptoms of the Menopause & Peri-Menopause (hot flushes, irregular periods, mood swings, fatigue), Andropause, Thyroid Dysfunction, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Endometriosis, and more.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist, who describes herself as being “passionate about female pelvic health” is delighted to be able to offer USS (Ultrasound) guided Pelvic Floor Assessment, which is a first for Taunton! Treatment plans focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation, treatment of bladder instability and urinary incontinence (stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence), prolapse management, treatment for painful intercourse, post cancer rehabilitation, and much more.

Another FIRST FOR TAUNTON: 4D Ultrasound Baby Scanning & The Mummy MOT
Taunton Doctors can now offer parents a unique opportunity to meet their baby and capture special features and movements in a relaxed environment. To make this personal experience even more memorable, we have invested in state of the art technology. This optimises the quality of photos and videos, which you can then take away and share with family and friends.

We are passionate about Men’s Health! Taunton Doctors Ltd is proud to be partnered with Angus MacCormick (a highly qualified clinician, who is well known and respected in Somerset, Devon and the Southwest). Angus has many years experience in both NHS and private urology services locally as well as (inter)nationally. His friendly manner and excellent communication are advantageous when discussing symptoms some men might feel slightly uncomfortable to talk about.
We currently offer appointments for “Sexual Function (Erectile Dysfunction)”, “Prostate Health & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms” and a “Premium Men’s Health Service”.
State-of-the-art technology (3D Ultrasound, Urine Flow Machine, etc.) supplements our highly professional Men’s Health service, which is provided in a friendly and relaxed and discreet environment.

Our antenatal physiotherapy care focuses on pelvic floor strength throughout pregnancy.
Supporting women postnatally through the ever popular Mummy MOT helps women to achieve their main goal of regaining the desired exercise fitness level as well as pelvic floor health.

Our Nutritional Coaching & Lifestyle Health team assess clients’ diet and identify potential nutritional imbalances.  They will work together with their client to understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns.  Based on the latest nutrition science our team will develop the best strategies to incorporate a healthy way of eating. Each strategy and lifestyle advice is explained in a personalised nutrition programme: “It’s all about you and your health!”

Your plan will address any health concerns or food allergies/ intolerances and will give you alternative foods to ensure a diet full of all the important nutrients to make you feel good!

From our Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist: “There is more to sports nutrition than a protein shake! If you are serious with your training, you should be serious with your diet.” Based on a comprehensive diet and hydration assessment our team can design a personalised programme to increase performance in training and competition as well as promote quicker recovery on rest days: “Eat strategically and you will see results!”

Clinical Weight Loss – Live well for good!
“It’s not about a number on a scale – it’s about how you feel! Forget about dieting and counting calories. This is not a plan to follow for a few weeks before you return to old habits – it will be your healthy, natural way of life! A personalised programme will ensure that you reach your goals for good taking one step at a time!”

Functional Medicine provides a patient-centred approach. The Functional Medicine (FM) Model addresses the underlying causes of diseases, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both client and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.
As chronic fatigue conditions and fibromyalgia are multi- faceted in their presentation, our practitioners works with other therapists and practitioners to provide a holistic approach to wellness.

Our Podiatry & Orthotics service covers all aspects of podiatry with a specific interest and expertise in biomechanics, gait analysis as well as nail surgery. In addition to our clinics we also offer a HOME VISIT SERVICE in and around the Taunton area.
With 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of custom-made orthoses for clients also including well known sportsmen and women from Somerset, we are able to treat a variety of back and lower limb symptoms.

Ear Wax Removal via micro suctioning: Hearing problems, earache, tinnitus, vertigo? –Early appropriate management of build-up of earwax is vital. With the help of a very small video camera (endoscope) our practitioner can identify a potential build-up of ear wax. The benefits of ear wax removal with micro suctioning compared with traditional methods include: No ear drops required;  no messy water and most of all: A good view of the ear canal guarantees a SAFE procedure.

Hearing Assessment:  Hidden Hearing is one of the UKs major supplier of free no obligation hearing tests and high quality hearing aid technology.” Hidden Hearing share the same ethos as Taunton Doctors: “It is important to us that the advice we give and the products we recommend are of the absolute highest quality.”

Complementing above services we offer a variety of ADDITIONAL services such as:

  • Physiotherapy (Spinal, lower limb and upper limb Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy)
  • Sports Therapy
  • Sports/ Soft Tissue Massage
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Rehabilition Therapy
  • Sports/Occupational Injury Assessment
  • Electrotherapy
  • Many more to follow soon

We are looking to expand the services for Taunton, Somerset, Devon and the Southwest to cater for a full range of patient needs in an easily accessible, safe and trusted environment. Please Get in Touch to keep up-to-date with all our news & developments of services.

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