Hearing Assessment And Ear Wax Removal:


Ear Wax Removal via micro suctioning: Hearing problems, earache, tinnitus, vertigo? –Early appropriate management of build-up of earwax is vital. With the help of a very small video camera (endoscope) our practitioner can identify a potential build-up of ear wax. The benefits of ear wax removal with micro suctioning compared with traditional methods include: No ear drops required;  no messy water and most of all: A good view of the ear canal guarantees a SAFE procedure.

Hearing Assessment:  Hidden Hearing is one of the UKs major supplier of free no obligation hearing tests and high quality hearing aid technology.” Hidden Hearing share the same ethos as Taunton Doctors: “It is important to us that the advice we give and the products we recommend are of the absolute highest quality.”

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