Men’s Health

We are passionate about Men’s Health!
We also realise that the period from developing symptoms to identifying and diagnosing the problem can be very stressful.

Taunton Doctors Ltd is proud to be partnered with Angus MacCormick (a highly qualified clinician, who is well known and respected in Somerset, Devon and the Southwest). Angus has many years experience in both NHS and private urology services locally as well as (inter)nationally.
His friendly manner and excellent communication are advantageous when discussing symptoms some men might feel slightly uncomfortable to talk about.

State-of-the-art technology (3D Ultrasound, Urine Flow Machine, etc.) supplements our highly professional Men’s Health service, which is provided in a friendly and relaxed and discreet environment.

We currently offer appointments for “Sexual Function (Erectile Dysfunction)”, “Prostate Health & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms” and a “Premium Men’s Health Service”.

And more…

Complimenting these services are: Sports Therapy & Sports Massage, Nutritional Therapy and Clinical Weight Loss Programme.

However, we are planning to expand our services to include other urological services. Please Get in Touch to be kept informed.

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