Advanced Sports Nutrition

There’s more to sports nutrition than a protein shake!

If you are serious with your training, you should be serious with your diet.


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Do you want to get faster, stronger, build muscles, lose body fat without compromising your strength?


No matter if you are a professional athlete or a ‘weekend warrior’ – A strenuous training program does not necessarily lead to success in competition or on game day.

Scientific research confirms that your diet has a profound effect on your performance. No matter what your goal is, you can reach it quicker and easier if you eat the best foods at the right time.

A comprehensive diet and hydration assessment and a calculation of your energy and nutrient requirements will let us determine your nutritional needs as well as possible deficiencies. Based on this knowledge we can design your personalised programme to increase your performance in training and competition as well as promote quicker recovery on rest days – eat strategically and you will see results.


If you are serious with your training, you should be serious with your diet.


The programme will be fine-tuned to your individual needs and type of activity or exercise programme you undertake and can include specific strategies like carb-loading etc. It will support your training regime, reduce the risk of illness and help you achieve peak performance.

Book your initial consultation today with Carola Becker, our Advanced Sports Nutrition Advisor, whose service compliments medical advice. It is therefore ideally suited to being closely linked with a GP surgery.


“When I met Carola I was unhappy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight. Shortly before my GP had prescribed medication for high blood pressure. 

Carola worked out a great nutrition and exercise plan which accommodated my preferences, my busy life style and the fact I really don’t like going to the gym!

Within 5 weeks I lost over one stone, my blood pressure dropped from 154/101 to 142/86.

And, best of all, I haven’t felt hungry or deprived and was full of energy again! All the recipes are easy to cook and super-delicious, I will definitely carry on with my plan to improve my future!”




Initial appointment with Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Adviser (90min): £99,-
Follow-up appointment
 with Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition Adviser (60min): £59,-


A: Two Follow-up appointments: £107,- (instead of £118)
B: Three Follow-up appointments: £159,- (instead of £177)
C: Four Follow-up appointments: £205,- (instead of £236)


’12 week plan’ including one follow-up appointment: £269,- (instead of £305)
‘Group Session’: from £15,- per attendee


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As a personal trainer I spend a huge amount of my time monitoring clients and focusing on my own training, a few months out from one of my biggest events I realised my nutrition wasn’t where it needed to be for my body to perform at its best, due to all of my time focusing on others and putting hours of training in.

At this point I contacted Carola, I wanted a list of any deficiency I had and recipes to help me achieve perfect performance, Carola gave me a full breakdown and spent a lot of time making me an individual programme pointing out areas I needed to work on.

I have been given some fantastic recipes and my body is feeling fantastic, I’m so pleased to say I went on to win my Triathlon event and am now training hard for the next.

It’s been great working together and I’m now recommending Carola to my own clients.

Thank you Carola, you’re a fantastic nutritionist!!


Carola’s help has been invaluable. I have achieved a new PB at my last cycling race and felt amazing during training and the race!


As I’ve gotten to become a better athlete, I realised that planning my diet has gotten more and more important. Carola brings her extensive knowledge and experience within the nutrition and exercise sciences together with a motivational, professional and individually focused approach to her work. I am really pleased with my progress so far!