Clinical Weight Loss Programme

Clinical Weight Loss – Live well for good!
It’s not about a number on a scale – it’s about how you feel!

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Forget about dieting and counting calories.

This is not a plan to follow for a few weeks before you return to old habits, it will be your new lifestyle.

No food group will be glorified, no food group will be demonised. This is a healthy, natural way of life, based on latest nutrition science, which will leave you feeling well, happy and full of energy.

To make nutrition work best for you, we will design your personalised programme.

This will ensure that you reach your goals for good taking one step at a time. At the end you will know the best foods for you. You will have adopted the best techniques to keep your mind on track to enjoy ongoing success.


**********LATEST NEWS **********
Carola can now offer an ultrasound scan to measure your visceral fat (the fat around abdominal organs) and subcutaneous fat (the fat under your skin) as part of the Nutrition programme!

Carola will measure your visceral fat at beginning of your programme and then after 8-10 weeks to monitor your progress. The procedure is simple and will not take longer than 15 minutes. If you wish, you can take your scan with you.

You will receive a reliable and accurate measurement of both your visceral and subcutaneous fat, Carola will explain the results and why you could see a significant change in both measurements after following your personalised Nutrition Plan.

If you would like to know more about body fat and its effects on your health, please read our blog.



It’s all about you – we will work around your preferences and needs to make nutrition science work for you:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current eating and lifestyle habits, as well as possible nutritional deficiencies
  • Evaluation and analysis of weight history
  • Body composition and metabolic analysis
  • Assessment of health risks
  • Calculation of personal macro and micro nutrient needs
  • A food list to mix and match ingredients
  • Foods to eat and to avoid
  • A sample meal plan
  • Hydration recommendations and tips
  • Diet evaluation and calculation of portion sizes
  • Knowledge transfer about what to eat, when and why
  • A selection of recipes

Book your initial consultation today and discuss your requirements with Carola Becker, our Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner. Her service compliments medical advice. It is therefore ideally suited to being closely linked with a GP surgery.


Inital appointment with Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner (90min): £99,-
Follow-up appointment
with Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner (60min): £59,-


A: Two Follow-up appointments: £107,- (instead of £118)
B: Three Follow-up appointments: £159,- (instead of £177)
C: Four Follow-up appointments: £205,- (instead of £236)



’12 week plan’ including one follow-up appointment: £269,- (instead of £305)
‘Health & Diet MOT’ including one follow-up appointment: £199,- (instead of £225)
‘Group Session’: from £15,- per attendee


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Service Reviews:

“I made the decision and took the plunge to invest in myself and Carola and I am very pleased I did.  I needed to sort my diet out, I was aware that I was not getting a balanced diet. I’m sensitive to wheat, rye, barley and oats and had concentrated on replacing nutrients from this group to the detriment of other food groups.  Carola was able to establish that I was deficient in some vitamins and needed more protein and came up with a nutritional plan that would work for me and it did work and still does! I lost over a st and feel great with my new way of eating” Sue

“You often hear of people going on this diet or that diet, and both of us have been in that camp many a time. Equally we have both heard people say “it’s a change of lifestyle you need, not a faddy diet that you will never be able to stick at”. Our goal when contacting Carola was to try and find a way of losing weight whilst trying to improve our health…..
Wow is pretty much what we would both say, with Carola’s help guidance and planning of meals that work for us both we have found a new lease of life neither of us thought possible. We have both lost an incredible amount of weight, changed shape and best of all the feeling of well-being we have along with the energy levels we have found has made us both realise how unhealthy we were and with such simple changes we have found a fantastic lifestyle that is effortless to follow.” Russell

“I was fed up with not enjoying the food I was eating, confused over what was actually healthy and what wasn’t, and vowed that I would never go back to the slimming club which I had dipped in and out of over many years.
Carola gave me the confidence to try foods which I was wary of eating before and helped me to build up the foods that I was lacking in. I never felt hungry or that I was missing out on anything.
At the end of the 12 weeks I had lost 1 stone (and still continue to lose weight now), dropped a dress size, my skin and hair have improved and so have my chronic sinus problem. More importantly my energy levels have risen and this has improved my fitness level too. Carola’s support throughout has been invaluable and I cannot thank her enough!” Sarah