Nutritional Therapy

Do you need to manage a health condition or are you at risk of developing Diabetes Type 2, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, IBS etc?

– Your diet can make a big difference to your symptoms and might have a positive effect on the course of your condition and your future health.


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With your health issues in mind and in close cooperation with your GP we will design your personalised nutrition programme. This will include the best foods as well as lifestyle changes to address symptoms and root causes to improve your wellbeing.

We will work together with you on the best strategies to incorporate a healthy way of eating and regular activity into your life. Our programme suits your routines and can be followed easily.
All our advice is based on latest nutrition science will help you making healthy choices for good.


**********BREAKING NEWS (01 September 2018)**********

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer an ultrasound scan as part of the Nutrition programme! Carola will measure your visceral fat (the fat around abdominal organs) as well as your subcutaneous fat (the fat under the skin) at the beginning of the programme and again after 8-10 weeks to monitor your progress. The procedure is simple and will not take longer than 15 minutes. If you wish, you can take your scan with you.

You will receive a reliable and accurate measurement of both your visceral and subcutaneous fat, Carola will explain the results and why you could see a significant change in both measurements after following your personalised Nutrition Plan. If you would like to know more about body fat and its effects on your health, please read our blog HERE



It’s all about you and your health.
Your programme will include:
  • Comprehensive assessment of current eating and lifestyle habits as well as possible nutritional deficiencies
  • Calculation of individual macro and micro nutrient needs
  • A food list to support your specific nutritional needs and address your health issue
  • Foods to eat and to avoid
  • A sample meal plan
  • Hydration recommendations and tips
  • Diet evaluation and calculation of portion sizes
  • Knowledge transfer about what to eat, when and why
  • A selection of recipes

Book your initial consultation today and discuss your requirements with Carola Becker, our certified Nutritional Therapist. Her service compliments medical advice. It is therefore ideally suited to being closely linked with a GP surgery.



Initial appointment with Certified Nutritional Therapist (90min): £99,-
Follow-up appointment
 with Certified Nutritional Therapist (60min): £59,-



A: Two Follow-up appointments: £107,- (instead of £118)
B: Three Follow-up appointments: £159,- (instead of £177)
C: Four Follow-up appointments: £205,- (instead of £236)



’12 week plan’ including one follow-up appointment: £269,- (instead of £305)
‘Health & Diet MOT’ including one follow-up appointment: £199,- (instead of £225)
‘Group Session’: from £15,- per attendee

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Service Reviews:

“When I met Carola I was unhappy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight. Shortly before my GP had prescribed medication for high blood pressure.
Carola worked out a great nutrition and exercise plan which accommodated my preferences, my busy life style and the fact I really don’t like going to the gym!
Within 5 weeks I lost over one stone, my blood pressure dropped from 154/101 to 142/86.
And, best of all, I haven’t felt hungry or deprived and was full of energy again! All the recipes are easy to cook and super-delicious, I will definitely carry on with my plan to improve my future!”


I made the decision and took the plunge to invest in myself and Carola and I am very pleased I did.  I needed to sort my diet out, I was aware that I was not getting a balanced diet. I’m sensitive to wheat, rye, barley and oats due to IBS and had concentrated on replacing nutrients from this group to the detriment of other food groups.  Carole was able to establish that I was deficient in some vitamins and needed more protein and came up with a nutritional plan that would work for me and it did work and still does!


I was hesitant when I signed up for your Nutrition Coaching. I was at least 3 st overweight, felt tired all the time and eating was always a very emotional issue for me. I tried too many diets, I was worried about the costs and I didn’t believe that I would be able to stick to it. How wrong I was!
Your science-based coaching gave me the confidence and what you said clicked with me. I changed my view about eating, follow your advice and enjoy your easy and down-to-earth recipes. Your kind and non-judgmental coaching was exactly what I needed! 

Thank you so much!