The Mummy MOT

The Mummy MOT is a detailed post-natal assessment and rehabilitation programme for your tummy and pelvic floor by a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist.

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After having a baby, many women are left with weakness in their tummy and pelvic floor which can increase the risk of back pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse and painful intercourse. All of these conditions are incredibly common but very treatable with the correct advice and guidance.

In the Mummy MOT a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist will check your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength. You will then be guided through a tailor-made rehabilitation programme which will progress and develop as you get stronger.

Whatever your goal, whether that be returning to sport, being more active with your growing family or simply living without pain: The Mummy MOT is essential to ensure you get on the road to recovery in the safest way possible.

The Mummy MOT is suitable for any woman from 6 weeks to many years after giving birth. Whether you had your baby by vaginal delivery, forceps, ventouse or C Section, you will benefit from this specialist assessment and treatment.




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As an additional service Taunton Doctors is able to offer pelvic floor assessments with the help of ultrasound diagnostics.

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Service Reviews:

“I was seen by Cheryl today in reference to pelvic pain during my pregnancy, I suffered greatly with this during my second pregnancy to the point I couldn’t walk in the last few weeks. I didn’t feel I had the optimum support and advice at the time, fast forward to my third pregnancy and wanting to prevent the same thing happening again, Cheryl gave me a full assessment and advised me of the best way to minimise the impact of my pelvic pain during this pregnancy, I particularly liked the way she included my husband by advising him of things he could do to help. I left the session feeling confident in the exercises and advice she had given me and having a much more positive outlook on the next 13 weeks with Cheryl on hand to support me further should I need it. Thank u so much!”